Areas of expertise

Marketing and Communications

  • Marketing, media and creative managers/directors
  • Marketing (both offline and digital) project managers
  • Digital marketing, e-commerce, SEO, content, external and internal communication specialists
  • Designers, layout designers, copywriters

Administration and Finances

  • Chief Financial Officers, Chief Accountants, Finance and Debt Collection specialists;
  • HR Managers, Personnel Managers, Executive assistants
  • Accountants (various levels), Financial and Data Analysts, Bookkeepers
  • Office Administrators, Customer Care Specialists,
  • Lawyers

Sales, Export and Customer Service

  • Sales, Business Development, Export, Purchasing managers and specialists
  • Key Account, Product Group, Sales Projects, Brand managers and specialists
  • Purchasing, Active Sales, Telemarketing managers

Engineering and Manufacturing

  • Construction, Production managers
  • Construction Project managers, Site managers
  • Sales, Business Development, Export, Purchasing managers and specialists
  • Warehouse, Logistics managers and specialists
  • Energy, Electrical Technical, Automotive, Metal, Woodwork engineers and project managers

Information Technology

  • Developers, Quality Assurance specialists, IT Administrators
  • IT Project Managers, Online Project Managers, IT Solution Sales Managers
  • Consultants, Analytics