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TRIPOD tests are developed by qualified Estonian psychologists and are widely used by successful Baltic companies. As a licensed testing partner, these tests help us to objectively assess the abilities, personal qualities and potential of candidates and existing employees of our clients and to implement easier solutions in the following areas:

  • In the field of selections
  • During career counseling
  • In order to understand what motivates employees
  • In order to strengthen teamwork and increase efficiency
  • When solving certain team problems

According to the set goals, we can offer 9 tests: 


  • Managerial Personality Inventory
  • Mental capacity test for managers


  • Questionnaire of personal characteristics (for professionals of all levels)
  • Mental capacity test (for sales specialists, accountants, engineers, designers, testers, programmers, etc.)
  • Spatial ability test (for junior IT specialists)
  • Speed and accuracy of perception of visual information (for customer service specialists, administrators, programmers)
  • English language test (reading, listening and writing)


> 50000

That's how many candidates are easily available from our 5 main recruitment resources.


We find and recruit candidates using active and passive search methods.

10 days

That's how long it takes us to present the first candidates.

Frequently asked questions

What does the 3-month guarantee mean?2020-06-30T05:08:34-02:00

If the recruited candidate does not meet the employer's expectations for objective reasons within the 3 months, we carry out another selection without any additional payments.

How long does it take to select an employee?2020-06-30T05:08:01-02:00

The length of the selection process depends on the complexity of the requirements, the job market and the specificities of the field. On average, it takes 10 working days from the start of the selection process to the presentation of candidates, the entire selection project takes 1-2 months to complete (this includes employer-candidate interviews, candidate testing, preparing a job offer, and the notice period for leaving the old job).

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