Executive search and selection

Long-term experience and modern selection methods help our team to find the best managers for each company.

Having the greatest experience in the selection of small and medium-sized business executives, we successfully apply the methods of the direct search (headhunting) in the target areas and companies. We believe that the key to the successful management selection is a thorough presentation of the job position, the right choice of individual selection tools and methods and close cooperation both with the client and candidates. We highly value confidentiality and strong work ethic standards. We provide a guarantee of 3-6 months for the employed manager – it means that in case the results of the trial period are unsatisfactory, we organize a new seach and selection process with no additional charges.


> 60000

We can reach out as many candidates for our 5 main expertise areas


As many candidates are reached and employed by the methods of proactive and direct search.

10 days

As much time we need to select the first candidates

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