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We organise the selection of professionals with a focus on both the quality of the process and the outcome. Using the best search tools and practices, we are able to find and engage passive candidates. We offer a 3-month guarantee on specialist recruitment, and if a specialist leaves voluntarily or is dismissed by the employer during this period, we will organise a new recruitment at no extra cost. We place special importance on, whether the company's corporate values are aligned with the candidate's, what benefits are on offer, what career opportunities are available and what value the candidate can bring to the organisation. Taking these parameters into account, we create an effective search plan and work closely with the client throughout the selection process. 


> 60000

That's how many candidates are easily available from our 5 main recruitment resources.


We find and recruit candidates using active and passive search methods.

10 days

That's how long it takes us to present the first candidates.

Frequently asked questions

What does the 3-month guarantee mean?2020-06-30T05:08:34-02:00

If the recruited candidate does not meet the employer's expectations for objective reasons within the 3 months, we carry out another selection without any additional payments.

How long does it take to select an employee?2020-06-30T05:08:01-02:00

The length of the selection process depends on the complexity of the requirements, the job market and the specificities of the field. On average, it takes 10 working days from the start of the selection process to the presentation of candidates, the entire selection project takes 1-2 months to complete (this includes employer-candidate interviews, candidate testing, preparing a job offer, and the notice period for leaving the old job).

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